Date: May 3-5 2010

Event: A half-day event for 50 delegates at the 4th meeting of Kedja – a programme for Scandinavian and Nordic choreographers, dancers and dance companies.

Match: The theme for kedja’s meeting is ‘The Creative Process’. Kedja chose to work with The Map as it wanted an input from an organization that could stimulate and facilitate dialogue through a different mode than intensive workshop lab and presentation or seminar. We have designed a creative investigation into the theme that is relevant to the delegates but draws on visual art and installation practice rather than dance.

Outcomes: The Map’s session was highlighted in the evaluation report as one of the outstanding successes of the Kedja. Practitioners and producers alike commented on how skilfully the activities enabled them to surface and gather insights about their own creativity and to refresh their sense of themselves in the creative process. Working outside of their core art form, dance, also liberated people from habits and self imposed restrictions on their creative thinking. The workshop was followed by a supplementary plenary presentation where the Map gave the whole conference a taste of the interactive stations that participants had experienced. As a result of this The Map were invited to deliver a workshop in Gothenberg with dance artists and practitioners from Dansbyran, Sweden.

“I felt the Map Consortium session gave me the most, because of their way to inspire both individual creative processes and to inspire communication in a group/collective” Kedja participant feedback

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