Date: Autumn 2003

Event: A three-month residency in two of Unilever’s businesses; Lever Faberge and UICFF.

Match: Unilever wanted to explore and develop a culture of enabling feedback as a tool for developing performance within and across teams. Our experience and expertise as theatre-makers enabled us to draw on the actor-director relationship in rehearsal as a stimulus, We led a three hour workshop for fifty teams, placed seven artist facilitators in residence with business teams as ‘Arts Associates’ – tracking the processes and communication culture of each team and contributing in meetings, short workshops and at away-days on specific team issues. The culmination of the project was The Live Report an original piece of theatre created in response to the residency and performed on site in both businesses. Live and Direct was the largest scale intervention undertaken by Catayst, Unilever’s in-house arts programme.

Outcomes: Keith Weed, Ceo of Lever Faberge said; “Live + Direct helped people learn techniques, practice giving and receiving feedback and appreciate the power of conversations that can make a difference, whether they are comfortable or uncomfortable.” James Hill of UICFFUK said, “Since Live + Direct, the Board has been challenged to re-consider our role in sustaining cultural change.”

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