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    The Human Arts

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    The Map Consortium

  • Leadership

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  • Collaboration

  • Culture

  • Change

  • Invention

  • Fiona L Bennett

    Fiona L BennettDirector

    Fiona is a theatre practitioner and a poet and has been designing and facilitating professional and organisational development for over 20 years.

  • Chris Higgins

    Chris HigginsDirector

    Chris is a theatre practitioner and dramaturg and has been designing and facilitating professional and organisational development for over 20 years

  • Joe Moran

    Joe MoranAssociate Director

    Joe is a choreographer, educator and Artistic Director of Dance Art Foundation, an independent art charity he founded in 2000.

  • Em Whitfield Brooks

    Em Whitfield BrooksAssociate Director

    Em is a singer, composer, choral leader, voice coach, performance director, facilitator and coach.

  • Karen Da Silva

    Karen Da SilvaAssociate Director Europe

    Karen is a dancer/choreographer, university lecturer and creative learning facilitator.

  • Martin Gent

    Martin GentAssociate Director

    Martin is a theatre practitioner, visual artist, designer and arts-based facilitator.

  • Mercy Ojelade

    Mercy OjeladeAssociate

    Mercy is an actor and arts education practitioner

  • Subhadassi


    Subhadassi‘s work involves writing, photography, creative training design & facilitation.

  • Michael Shaeffer

    Michael ShaefferAssociate

    Michael is an actor and artist facilitator/creative practitioner.

  • Alistair Snell

    Alistair SnellAssociate

    Al is an actor, creative practitioner and teacher.

  • Dawn Hudson

    Dawn HudsonAssociate

    Dawn is a theatre and education practitioner.

  • Helen Chadwick

    Helen ChadwickAssociate

    Helen is a performance creator, singer, composer, cartoonist and voice coach.

  • Guy Dartnell

    Guy DartnellAssociate

    Guy is an artist-facilitator specialising in voice-movement integration and improvisation

  • Uzma Hameed

    Uzma HameedAssociate

    Uzma is a writer, director and dramaturg working in theatre and dance

  • Martin Heaney

    Martin HeaneyAssociate

    Martin Heaney is a Senior Lecturer in Drama, Applied Theatre and Performance .

  • John Lightbody

    John LightbodyAssociate

    John is an actor, voice-over artist and creative facilitator.