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Our work takes many forms. The key to all programmes is the design and development of the work in close partnership with the client. Programmes and interventions range from half day sessions to full modular programmes and long-term residencies. We work with people at all levels, in small or large groups, one-to-one and at large events and conferences.

Artful Ways of Leading is a bespoke leadership development programme for Shakespeare’s Globe.   It combines our signature approach to professional development through creative practice with peer mentoring and speaker inputs to deliver a unique and inspirational programme. Off-site visits, tool-up sessions and group learning explore both key aspects of leadership and are invoked in a responsive way to support the organisation’s emerging story.

My Way is a unique programme for senior leaders across the European division of PwC. We were part of the foundation and original design of this programme and have been delivering on it annually for over 12 years. We provide an immersive experiential journey for leaders to explore agility and co-creation and to support them developing their capacity to lead in a rapidly changing world.

Prosper was a unique place-making programme lasting over two years for Arts Council England and Canterbury Festival exploring the cultural capacity building in Kent. We partnered with Workers of Art and designed and facilitated a journey involving over 30 organisations and independent artists across sectors to explore and experiment around what it might mean to truly Prosper in the region. It has had a lasting impact and a wide range of new initiatives have drawn funding and provided sustainability to aspects of community and cultural capacity building within the region.