The Map came into being as a natural progression of our partnership as freelance practitioners collaborating together on behalf of some of the UK’s leading arts and training organizations both at home and abroad. The defining qualities of the work we were producing at that time included an equal commitment to;
art and learning and the power of bringing the two together,
artists and audiences and the possibilities for exploring the space between them,
working in the education, corporate and cultural sector and the potential for creating new practice through the journeys between them.

From the Directors:
In 2003 we formed The Map with a vision to explore these principles further and to create an organization that could embrace the practice and development of a close pool of associates with whom we were working regularly. Over the last 8 years the consortium has gone from strength to strength breaking new ground in the areas of leadership, culture change and learning across sectors. The ethos and principles of the Map have been deepened and developed among the core members of the consortium and the wider number of associate and guest artists has increased. Combining the principles of remaining bespoke in our offer, close in our partnerships and expansive in our vision sustains our sense of invention and the quality of experience we are proud to deliver.