“The MAP were challenging, inventive, inspiring – they really made a difference.” Chairman, Unilever ICFF UK

“This has been the most significant contribution to our institution’s development of intercultural working.” Professor Helen Higson OBE, Pro-Vice Chancellor – Aston University

“Working with you has been a creative collaboration of the highest order. You have helped us develop a programme which is insightful, stimulating, absolutely aligned with our culture and truly unique.” Caryn Solomon, Head of Organisational Development, Investec

“These two days have reminded me that we, as headteachers, are so focused on results and the curriculum that we have stifled not only our own creativity but that of others in our schools. It’s now shouting to be let out!” Head Teacher, Primary sector

“The programme was superb. I was extremely impressed by The Map and their design and delivery of the course. The facilitators created a learning environment that was challenging but calm, warm but totally focussed and I feel inspired to take what I’ve learnt back into my practice.” Creative practitioner