Martin Gent is a theatre practitioner, visual artist, designer and arts based training designer & facilitator.
Currently is continuing his ongoing close association and work with the MAP, and also his work as Director of Creativity at Spinach. He is developing his skills through his studies in ‘Process’ based leadership facilitation and conflict resolution. He is writing a book, ‘Dumb Fixity’, about a currents arts project to be published this year.
Believes in the collaborative process as an empowering way for people to work creatively. That the artist position as anarchic trickster has an important alchemical role to play in our society and organisations.
Key career events Jumping ship from a possible career as a Building Manager. His involvement in new performance and cross-artform working in the1980’s. Setting up a collaborative performance company, dA dA dumb. Studying an MA in art and architecture.  Co leading a BA Hons in Spatial Arts. Collaborating and leading with the MAP on its culture change and leadership programmes in the corporate sector.  Co- running, with the MAP, a large art based culture change programme in PricewaterhouseCoopers.

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